What’s New – December’18 Week 3

Everything I read and listened to this week.


  1. The Skilled and The Schooled – India’s struggle over what counts as knowledge and gainful employment (Caravan Magazine, 1st January 2018)
  2. Postmodern Religion and the Faith of Social Justice – Social Justice has effectively become a new religion, followed dedicatedly in some of the most liberal circles. James Lindsay and Mike Nayna (2 of the 3 people behind the Sokal Squared Hoax) explore this indepth. (Areo Magazine, 18th December 2018)
  3. The Case Against Education – Has formal education lost its value or was it never valuable? Do we really learn things at school that make us ready for the real world jobs? A review of the book of the same name by Bryan Caplan ( Quillette, 3rd June 2018)
  4. Understanding Libertarian Morality – Actual research into the moral standing of self-identified libertarians by researchers at the University of Southern California (If you can’t access, I can share a PDF)
  5. The Rise of Narendra Modi – An article from early 2012, before he started his campaign to become India’s 14th Prime Minister. (Caravan Magazine, 1st March 2012)
  6. Under the radar – Iran’s Oil Exports – An in-depth look into how countries like Iran try to avoid sanctions and what we can learn about sanctions in general (given the many arguments against sanctions or in favour of explaining why sanctions fail) (29th October 2018)


  1. Wordy Woodpecker – A pod show about the origin of words. It’s a weekly series with about 14 5-7 minutes uploaded till date. Latest Episode.
  2. The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast – I finally started this one this week. The episodes are at times even 2 hours long so it is going to be one heavy listen.


  1. 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism – Ha-Joong Chang (I have an ePub available if you are interested)

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